Chickens & Fertile eggs

There is an amazing variety of chickens available in Australia, with over 45 recognised breeds. Once you add in standard or bantam, and hundreds of colour combinations the choices are endless. Suburban Chooks aims to make this decision easier, choosing to sell specially selected breeds that will meet the needs of most chicken keepers – whether that be for pets or higher quantity egg production.

Generally speaking, chickens are categorised into two size groups: Standard (‘normal’ or ‘large’) and bantam (smaller). Bantam chickens can be ½ to 1/3 the size of standard chickens. We make no specific ‘across the board’ recommendation as to whether chicken keepers in general should have only bantams or standards in your backyard. There are a lot of factors which influence your chosen breed(s) including egg size preference, backyard size, whether you are experienced in keeping chickens, how many eggs you want per week, how old your kids are (if you have kids) and if you want them to free range in your garden. Whatever your preferences are, Suburban Chooks can help you narrow down your options because we believe there is a chicken for everyone.

A lot of people who are new to chicken keeping initially ask about ‘ISA Brown’ chickens – to help decide whether they are the right chicken for your situation (or if a purebreed chicken is more along what would suit you) please read the information available here.

Updated Sunday 11th October, 2015

We have made the difficult decision to take a much needed break from breeding poultry on the large scale that we have in the past. This means that we won’t have anything available for customers looking for chickens. We might have some limited breeds closer to Christmas, which we will advertise on our FB page (Suburban Chooks). The best place that I can point you in your chicken purchasing endeavours to would be:

This awesome website has a Noticeboard where breeders and buyers post for sale/wanted ads, just like an online newspaper. Their BYP Forum is the best online resource available for poultry lovers and has another ‘Wanted and For Sale’ section. Best join up as a member for full access to all areas and see all the amazing pics!

All other recommendations are Facebook groups, which are hugely active and if you can’t find what you want within a decent amount of time, the regulars will point you in the right direction. Most active pages/groups to check out are:

– Melbourne Poultry & Eggs – Buy, Sell, Swap & Chat
– Chicken Lovers & Hobby Farmers – Sales & Wanted Australia
– Gippsland Poultry and Fertile Eggs – Buy, Sell and Swap
– Yarra Ranges Poultry and Hobby Farmers

Happy Chooking!
Christine & Arthur