Poultry Transport

Suburban Chooks are happy to assist interstate poultry buyers who purchase our chickens, and will co-ordinate as best we can with your preferred transporter.  Dependant on your location there are a range of poultry or generalist pet transporters that can be utilised, including:

Potential poultry owners needing transport will need to contact each company for a quote and potential travel dates. Please note that there can be significant differences in price, such as whether they provide a door-to-door pickup/delivery service or use pre-determined meeting spots for example. We have no influence on any of these factors as they are determined by the business owner/manager…

We understand the dedication a person feels to what others may view as ‘just a chook’ and we make the effort to co-ordinate with transporters, so please understand that extra costs may apply (for example, out of hours pickup). Suburban Chooks will always do what is required to make the transportation of your beloved poultry a smooth transition, for everyone’s sake.