School Programs

With the educational benefits of gardening programs and chickens programs increasing in popularity in schools, some programs find themselves overwhelmed by where to start. Or are you the teacher who has ‘inherited’ another teachers project but have little or no experience with chickens? Or your school has kept a few ISA Browns and now wants to formalise a sustainable gardening program?

Suburban Chooks can help with:
     * Site review and coop/setup consultation (including full setups)
     * Chicken breed consultation and selection
     * School hatching programs (tailored to your schools needs)
     * Information sessions for the students
     * Educational resources for students
     * Chicken food and product delivery
     * Phone consultation and on site support for sick chickens

Charges do apply for on site consultations, dependant on distance travelled.

Contact Christine or Arthur to discuss your schools needs and we can work together to set up a long term, easy to run program for your students!!!