This classic hen house design is unique for a number of reasons, starting with them being manufactured from 100% recycled UK plastic for minimum carbon footprint. This high density, plastic allows for them to be precision manufactured from a computer design, meaning that assembly is easy and accurate with no screws and nuts. Brinsea have designed their own unique Coop Clip assembly system.

Churchill Coop






Other features of the Carefree Coops that set this coop apart from others on the market include:

     * Ample space and plenty of ventilation for your girls.
     * Egg collection is made convenient via the rear door.
     * Highly predator resistant, due to the fantastic materials and design.
     * Removable roof panels and dropping tray make cleaning a breeze.
     * Elevated design is preferred by chickens and makes for easier cleaning.
     * Easy to move.
     * Resistant to UV light, far outlasting other flat pack designs.
     * Optional long lasting, welded mesh steel run that attach to the coop front.
     * Comes with a free 3 year guarantee, subject to simple on-line registration.

Most chicken keepers are aware that ease of cleaning is something to be taken into consideration when buying a coop, especially if there is a red mite outbreak. The only wood used in the Carefree Coops are the perches and these are easily removed for cleaning should this happen to you. And, of course, chooks poo – that’s a reality, but the design and non-porous nature of the materials used makes cleaning is a breeze. These coops are made to be unclipped from the roof and hosed down. You can even use a pressure washer to make the process even faster. It really is amazing!!!

Winscombe Coop dimensions:
House internal floor area (including nest tubs) 87 x 47 cm
Run floor area: 100 x 172 cm

Prices for these great quality coops are:

Winscombe Coop only – $485
Winscombe Coop with run – $660 Now only $520

Pickup is from Melbourne (South-Eastern suburbs) or delivery is available (extra charges apply). This coop (with or without run) can be freighted Australia wide at very reasonable rates (contact us for a quote). For example, most areas of Queensland are approx. $120-$140.