Join Our Insta Team!!!

Hi There,

Thanks for following to see what coming aboard Our Social Media Team entails. As you may have seen, our IG profile is still very much in it’s infancy with followers and we are looking for fantastic social media influencers to help us reach new viewers and potential customers.
At the moment we are looking for Brand Enthusiasts that will help to showcase (together) our product range and your love of your backyard flock of chickens. 


1. Quality photos
Photos need to be clear, crisp, preferably in natural light and have a good colour palette. Happy for artistic/different angles.

2. Number of Photographs
Post a minimum of one (1) photograph per week on your social media accounts during the 3 month period. This is twelve in total, across the initial period of our agreement. If you could also email all photos to (raw images and edited) so we can use them in our feed. We will always tag you!

3. Posting times on IG
We ask that you please post the photos at times of high traffic on your account and would appreciate if you told us when these are for your acccount.  All images are on your IG feed while you are our brand rep/enthusiast. You can, of course, leave them there longer if you wish.

4. Tagging
Tag us in the comments (@suburbanchooks) and on the photo and use the hashtags #suburbanchooks and #poultrysupplies on all of your posts.

5. Description
We encourage you to use “call to actions” in your descriptions to encourage discussion and engagement.


Brand Enthusiasts will be provided with a discount code (25% off) for themselves. Please note that for us this is a significant discount as we are not in a position to offer customers sales and many of our suppliers don’t allow this in our contracts. Due to the competitve nature of our market, prices are kept as low as we can manage to attract customers all year around.

As some items are almost $1000 retail value, we may not be able to honour the blanket 25% discount on some items. The discount given on items or totals over $200 will need to be determined on a case by case (or purchase by purchase) basis dependant on our profit margin (we are not able to provide anyone with items that are below our purchase price from wholesalers). I hope you understand… Having said that, we of course want you to enjoy the full range of products that we have available and will tweak our numbers thoroughly to ensure that we can provide you with the most generous discount that we can for the expensive items.

During this three month period, Brand Enthusiasts will have access to a majority of Our Shop items at a 25% discount. It is a requirement that you will have to contact us for each purchase you make, as there is no facility on our website for discount codes (done purely so customers don’t expect sales or discounts) and therefore we will need to calculate this manually. This is even more important if purchases are being processed through Afterpay or Zippay as I will need to place your purchase in our ‘Customer Special Orders’ section for payment processing.

When there are positions available as Brand Reps, they will be provided Brand Reps with a minimum three (3) items over the three (3) month term. We will discuss with you the needs of your chickens and your setup in determining the best products for your family, not just what suits us. If you are meeting our expectations and are going the extra mile by doing a number of the items listed in the “Not Expected but Grateful for..” section (below) we may provide you with additional products and this will be determined at our discretion. 

We ask that you purchase within 7 days of announcing and take in account postage/delivery times for you to receive your order when doing so. We want things to run smoothly for both our sakes 🙂


All contracts are for a three months from the date of commencement and extensions are negotiated at the end of this period (at our discrection).

6. Illness and time off

If you or your child is sick and you feel will be unable to meet your weekly commitment. Please contact us as soon as possible. We are happy to effectively pause our agreement time, but will require that the time taken ‘off’ will be added to the end of the (calendar period) of three months so that a full three months of active service is undertaken.

7. Ending the Contract

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract at anytime, without question or reason if we find you are not abiding by the expectations and the terms and conditions. If for any reason you choose to or unable to fulfil your end of the contract due to protracted illness (more than 2 weeks) or you are asked to leave the contract early, we will require all brand rep items to be returned to us at the early termination of contract.. 
At the completion of your 3 month contract, Brand Enthusiasts and Brand Representatives are entitled to keep all items and they are yours 100%.


We would love for you to be part of our Online family and grow with us, which entails a degree of loyalty. You may be approached to represent other poultry businesses or brands sold at other businesses and request that we be informed if this happens. Being such a niche market, it is entirely possible that new online or physical stores may sell identical or similar items that we stock. We are happy to work along side similar brands, but we will need to check with the other business owners to ensure that duplicate brands or product ranges are not used.


  • Liking, following and commenting on our Facebook page… due to the nature of the different social marketing sites we share different content on Facebook than we do on IG. 
  • Engage with us on social media (IG and FB)
  • Regularly like and comment on posts in our social media feeds and using the #suburbanchooks hashtag.

In return, we will actively engage on your social media platforms by liking and commenting on your posts. Where appropriate, we will also share your photos or blogs posts on our social media platforms. Please note that this will only occur if the content and audience is appropriate, we don’t want to be seen to be spamming our friends, family and followers.
We will also add you into an interaction group, where we can chat, share the love and get to know each other together, if you are open to this. As state above, this is not compulsory.


Suburban Chooks has the right to use all photos sent to us, at any time, without seeking further permission from the source/photographer,  on any of our Social Media or Marketing campaigns. This includes but is not limited to, Facebook, our website, print media and other advertising platforms.

By becoming a Suburban Chooks Brand Ethusiast and Brand Representative you must agree to the Terms & Conditions above.


That’s it, folks… Hope that was fairly straight forward and not too painful/confusing. Feel free to contact us if you are still happy to be a part of our team. Hope to hear from you soon!!!
Christine from Suburban Chooks <3