Allfarm Piperizine Wormer Crumbles

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For use as a feed treatment for thr control of large white roundworms (Ascaridia sp) worms in poultry. The carrier crumble is designed as a feed supplement which may benifit bird gut health and speed recovery from damage incurred by worm infections. (Note that this procuct will not treat tapeworms).

Birds from 6 weeks of age can be treated. It is important that the treated feed is the only source of feed. Free range birds should be confined until the treated feed has ben consumed. The live weight of the birds to be de-wormed must be known. One scoop per kg live weight should be dispensed into sufficient food for the birds to eat during daylight hours. Each scoop treats one kg of body weight. To avoid under dosing, the number of scoops required should be rounded up to the next whole kg live weight. Mix the crumbles through your usual chicken feed by shaking the wormer crumble and the normal feed in a large plastic bag or bucket. To assist wih adherence of the crumble, fed can be pre coated with a spray of liquid vitamins or vegetable oil. It will be helpful to have withdrawn feed for a few hours so that the birds are hungry. The crumble mix has been desgned to be attractive to birds. Ensure that there is sufficient feed space avaliable so all birds can access the inoculated feed mix at the same time. make sure all of the treated feed is eaten before restoring normal feed. Birds can be re-treated 14 days post treatment. Some birds enjoy special bread treats, and so sprinkle the dose onto a slice of bread covered with butter and feed to individual birds.

It is strongly reccomended a trial run is undertaken to monitor feed consumption accurately.

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