Allfarm Poultry Powder Feather & Skin Conditioner

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Allfarm Poultry Powder Feather & Skin Conditioner is added and spread through the feathers of any poultry, to remove unwanted skin flakes, debris and parasites. It then provides a protective barrier around the feathers, providing protection from reinfection and nourishes the skin and feathers from the vitamins.

We are so excited to stock the first Australian Made, all natural treatment for mites and lice on all breeds of poultry. This product is a great natural alternative to the more commonly used Pestene Powder, but has no harmful chemicals. How great is that?!?!

As it is a natural yellow powder, this product can temporarily change feather colour, however the underlying feathers fluff up once the product works. A tried and tested product manufactured by the veterinarians and scientists at Allfarm Animal Health.


It is really important that the bottle is shaken thoroughly to combine and loosen ingredients prior to application. Treatment should deliver powder onto any dried or scurfy skin area, or where new feather growth is detected. Inspect the underneath of the tail feathers around the cloaca, under the legs, on the skin at the base of the wings and along the back of the neck and back. During application it is important to part the feathers and ensure the product coats and contacts the skin. Massage the powder/fine particles in by hand. When the bird stands up the product is trapped on the bases of the feathers in the fine feather arrays there. This ensures the mix is available to fall onto the skin. After first use, repeat application at no more than 3 day intervals (strongly recommended). As a guide up to 50gm is required to fully treat a large adult fowl when all locations are treated.


Dried rhizome fibre (60%); hygroscopic soy based powder (35%); solaminovit (A, B, D3, E plus amino acids (4%); ginger powder (1%).

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    Great for the chooks worked for mites

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