Brinsea EcoGlow Safety 600 Chick Brooder (20 chick)

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The EcoGlow 20 chick brooder can provide heat for baby quail through to up to 20 day old standard sized baby chickens.

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The EcoGlow Safety 600 is the latest model from Brinsea, replacing the old EcoGlow 20 chick brooder. It is now the smallest of three different sizes, with the EcoGlow Safety 1200 and EcoGlow Safety 2000 being the two larger sizes.

It has all the reliability and quality features buyers have known to know and love, combined with new improvements from Brinsea’s 40 years of research which make them the safest on the market!

Gone are the three preset height limits also, as all models have fully height adjustable legs to keep up with your chicks growing needs.  To reassure you that the heat pad is working, a glowing indicator light confirms the brooder is connected. Much like a mothers heat, they will move under or away as their needs dictate.  To be most effective, it works best with a high sided brooder boxes and should be kept out of draughts (much like us when we go to the MCG) in areas that do not fall below 10 degrees at night. At our place, we successfully continued to hatch throughout winter and used EcoGlow brooders by putting old towels over the top of our rabbit cages to help retain heat…

The actual heat pad now only uses an insanely small 12 watts of power (reduced from 16 watts) and is safe for human touch so rest assured that your fluffy, little babies can huddle up underneath without getting burnt – substantially less than conventional reptile or ceramic heat globes. Given that brooders need to be on all day, everyday, for weeks at a time the savings on your electricity bills are huge!

View the full EcoGlow Safety 600 Brooder Product Manual/Instructions HERE.


Brinsea EcoGlow Safety 600 brooders are recommended for up to 20 day old chicks. In reality, we would only recommend that you pop under 10-ish standard sized chickens as you need to take into consideration the size of the chicks as they grow and their space needs.


After hearing about so many house fires caused by inferior equipment, the Brinsea EcoGlow Safety Chick brooder range are the only brooders we trust both for ourselves, and in previous years, for our Home and School hatching programs. Don’t settle for anything but the best… see our Cheap Equipment Warning page for more information.

All Brinsea products (including the EcoGlow Safety Chick brooders) are made in the UK with 240v Australian plugs as standard. No adaptor is needed for use in Australia.

Got any questions about the Brinsea EcoGlow Safety Chick brooder? The answer might be on our Brinsea Safety Chick brooder FAQ page here.


Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours after the order has been processed through our website (unless you are in Melbourne and opt for local pickup – by arrangement only). We use Australia Post to ensure the best coverage Australia wide and all orders will receive a tracking number via email when it has been dispatched.

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By law, refunds can only be given using the same method that payment was made. To clarify, if you pay via Paypal, your refund will be made via Paypal. It is illegal for us to refund in any other way.


All Brinsea electrical products (Incubators, EcoGlow brooders and TLC brooders) purchased from Suburban Chooks online after 1st February 2015 are covered by a three year warranty period. The warranty period begins from when the item is dispatched from Suburban Chooks (as all items are sent with tracking numbers attached). Should a fault arise during the warranty period the unit may be repaired or replaced at Suburban Chooks’ discretion, after consultation with Brinsea Australia to determine the cause of the fault.

Please note that any Brinsea Products purchased outside of Suburban Chooks will not be covered under our warranty. Such units include Amazon products, eBay overseas purchases, etc. If in doubt please contact us for clarification via our contact us page.

Please note we are unable to provide a warranty for any product registered without a serial number. You should not accept any Brinsea products without a serial number – if you find that your purchase does not have a serial number please return it to the person you bought it from and ask for a replacement or refund.

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Notify Suburban Chooks of defect before the warranty period expires.
Have used the incubator for its proper purpose and stored it clean and dry.
If required send the unit back to Suburban Chooks at your own cost. Return or replacement units will be sent back to you at no cost to yourself.
This warranty applies to working parts only. Complete machines should only be returned with prior agreement with Suburban Chooks.

We like our customers to remain happy with their products purchased from us and their experiences dealing with us so we will always endeavour to work with you to a satisfactory outcome.




Shell Grit for Chickens/Poultry - Medium size grit
Dine-a-Chook Single Lubing Waterer Cup

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25 reviews for Brinsea EcoGlow Safety 600 Chick Brooder (20 chick)

  1. Stasia (verified owner)

    I have bought chook goods twice from Suburban Chooks and they have been fantastic to deal with and very helpful.

  2. Jane S. (verified owner)

    Greta product and super quick delivery

  3. Ray Knight (verified owner)

    fast delivery, great to deal with!!

  4. Julie (verified owner)

    By far the easiest and most effective brooder on the market. This is my second brooder after my first gave me years of great service.

  5. david b. (verified owner)

    brilliant product, the chicks love it

  6. Sarah A. (verified owner)

    Great product and my second order with Suburban Chooks.

  7. Yvette (verified owner)

    We used ours for baby ducklings and couldn’t be happier

  8. Simone (verified owner)

    A great little heater. My keats are thriving.

  9. Dianne Keen (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery & item perfect, also price very reasonable.

  10. Victoria (verified owner)

    Our chicks just love the Ecoglow Brooder! Such a piece of mind that the heat lamp won’t blow in the middle of the night leaving the chicks to freeze. After a slow start with postage due to Black Friday sales – i can absolutely say it was worth the wait. Thank you!

  11. Ross W. (verified owner)

    Brilliant product

  12. Andrew (verified owner)

    Love these brooders

  13. Daniel Isley (verified owner)


  14. Josh C. (verified owner)

    The little girls love it!! They sleep under there, and when they get too hot they come out. Definitely worth EVERY CENT, and for piece of mind that your house isn’t going to burn down because of leaving a heat lamp on for 8 weeks, this is great piece of mind!!!

  15. Rosemary (verified owner)

    Grea product. My chicks are now five weeks old and still sit under it at night.Great service from Suburban Chooks too.

  16. Peter B. (verified owner)

    Great Product. Improving Quail survival rate 10 fold

  17. Sharni (verified owner)

    Love the shop, love the product

  18. Katelyn B. (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Very safe

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great to deal with

  20. Carmel M. (verified owner)

    Happy with the product. The chicks are warm and conditions mimick mother hen more than a bright light of a brooder lamp. Product was delivered within a couple of days of ordering

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    First time use very happy

  22. janine (verified owner)

    great delivery..excellent product thank you

  23. Renee bushby (verified owner)

    It’s a great Product and thankyou

  24. Diana Yates (verified owner)

    i bought one cause I didn’t feel comfortable leavin* the heat lamp on all night , this is awesome keeps chickens warm all night

  25. Jennifer Forbes (verified owner)

    The chicks love it and so do I. Delivery was very fast.

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