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Yes, seriously… a chicken swing. Chickens love to play just as much as other animals, and for those that are in an enclosed area the Chicken Swing by Fowl Play is a best-selling boredom buster that is insanely popular in America. If you want to see them in action, there are lots of adorable videos on YouTube. Seriously loveable to watch!!!

The Chicken Swing has ultra cute and functional features, including:

  • Made from plastic ensures it is light to avoid any possibly injuries and is mite-resistant.
  • A mailbox shape with corn texture allows all kinds of poultry to comfortably grip and pump the swing.
  • A fully adjustable stabilising beam prevents twisting of the rope after chooks jump off.
  • Safety side ties are more stable than rope and protect your chook/poultry from getting hurt or caught in normal rope.
  • The unique ‘perch tongues’ allows the perch to apply twisting to the ropes during their swinging, allowing extra stable movement.
  • A special rope buckle design makes set-up a breeze and adjusting during the training period so easy.

This is the perfect gift for your chicken-mad friends or family member cause I would be 99% confident that they don’t have already!!!

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