INCA Pestene Powder – 500g

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Pestene powder is one of the most recognised treatments for lice and mites in poultry and is now available at Suburban Chooks for delivery to your doorstep. How easy is that?!

Treatment areas to focus on are specifically the vent area (fluffy bottom under the tail), under each wing and around the neck and breast. Much easier if two people do this, one to hold the chicken still and move him/her around for powder application and the other to do the sprinkling and ruffling of the feathers to ensure that the powder sits on the skin. When released, the chicken will give an undignified shake to resettle her feathers but this is normal. Repeat applications might be needed one week after the first for heavy infestations.

If you would prefer to use a more naturally based product, we also sell a natural alternative, being Allfarm Poultry Powder Feather & Skin Conditioner.


Also suitable for use on dogs and cats to treat fleas, horses, calves and goats to treats mites and lice.


Pestene on it’s own will need to be posted in a 3kg satchel so why not take advantage of the available weight balance by adding other products from our Health product range, that can be popped into the same satchel and posted to your doorstep at no extra cost.

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1 review for INCA Pestene Powder – 500g

  1. Shauna (verified owner)

    Done the job around the chook pen for mites

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