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Alphamites DW is taking the poultry world by storm as an organic feed supplement providing chickens and all poultry with it’s immune boosting and antioxidant properties. However, the most exciting side effect of this feed supplement are the European based findings which show it to be an effective product for treating and controlling red mite outbreaks, by changing the digestable characteristics of poultry blood, after the first full treatment period.

Manufactured by Alphatech SAS in France, it has been used extensively for well over 15 years and is highly regarded in Europe. Alphamite DW is a registered certified organic product there (copy of certificate will be added here soon) and is currently undergoing the same Australian certification processes. Using certified organic ingredients of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and a blend of herbal extracts, it is increasingly used and applauded by organic free range/pasture raised egg farms for solving persistent red mite issues which are hard to resolve in such open environments. Click here for more information on how this product is used in Europe.

Please read this full page for a better understanding of how the product is used and the different rates/treatment periods for commercial and backyard poultry environments.


Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Vitamin C, Plant Extracts – Origano (origanum vulgare), Echinacea (echinacea purpurea), Rosehip (rosa canina), Gingeng (panax ginseng).

Dilution rate 
Add 5mls of Alphamite DW to 10L of drinking water (removing all other drinking water that does not contain Alphamite DW). Solution should be changed everyday for quality control (chooks can be very mucky, afterall).

Treatment schedule (as per label)
Treatment period one – Days 1 -4
Treatment period two – three weeks after the end of treatment period one, treat for 2 consecutive days.
Treatment period three – four weeks after the end of treatment two, treat for 2 consecutive days.
Treatment period four-15-20 weeks after the end of treatment three, treat for 4 consecutive days.

Treatment schedule for backyard poultry keepers
Treatment period one – Days 1 -4
Treatment period two – Last two days of the same month that treatment period one started, treat for 2 consecutive days.
Treatment period three – Last two days of the following month (after treatment two) treat for 2 consecutive days.
Treatment period four and following treatments – Last two days of every months, treat for 2 consecutive days.

Example treatment schedule for backyard poultry keepers on a calendar
January 1-4 -Treat as per directions (four days)
January 30-31 Treat as per directions (two days)
February 28-29 -Treat as per directions (two days)
March 30-31 – Treat as per directions (two days)

Why are there different treatment schedules outlined above?
The Australian authorities have specified that the rates labelled on the bottle are what is required for commercial purposes (free range and pastured egg production) which require more stringent legislation due to the high quantity food production numbers of eggs/meat involved.
Commercial environments have an ‘all in/all out’ policy, where X number of birds from the same growing environment are put into a new environment to control disease. Flocks from different suppliers are never mixed for this reason. The sheds/coops/caravans are thoroughly cleaned after each population, disinfected and left unoccupied to ensure disease transmission and the existence of parasites (including red mite) are as clean as can be to whatever standards they are required to abide by. Therefore, the treatment schedule outlined above (and on the label) is for new or existing flocks that are going into a clean, controlled environment to help with parasite (red mite especially) management.

Of course, the reasons for keeping a backyard flock of chickens or mixed poultry are substantially different. I know that in more than 10 years of poultry keeping, I have certainly never had an ‘all in/all out’ philosophy of having numbers. And I certainly don’t treat/clean/sterilize an area and leave it vacant for weeks/months at a time before having my new girls move in. For this reason, the treatment schedule for Alphamite DW in a small existing flocks/backyard setting is slightly different.
The beginning of the treatment is the same, to get on top of any red mite issues that might already exist, but an ongoing treatment of two days every month to help with poultry immunity levels is recommended to keep your girls in the best of health regarding the health benefits from this product.

Withholding period – NIL for meat or eggs


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  1. Jill Weaver – President Tasmanian Rare Breeds Poultry Show

    I first purchased this product earlier in the year and followed the enclosed directions. Several weeks later and I still cannot find any red spider mite or northern fowl mite on any of my poultry. Very impressed.

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