Suburban Chooks Apple Pomace & Spice Mix (300g)


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Apple Pomace is a fantastic source of prebiotic, with high levels of fructo-oligosaccharides and is combined with our secret blend of pure Healthy Chook Spice Mix.

This blend will have combined benefits of –

  • Powerful prebiotic source for improved gut health
  • Improved egg shell quality and encourages consistent egg laying
  • Increases egg production – quantity wise (especially during the winter months).
  • Overall improved general health
  • Lowered internal parasite levels
  • Helps speed up feather regrowth (either during moulting or in rescue chooks that have lost their feathers due to battery conditions)
  • Helps prevent respiratory problems. We have a Respiratory Support blend specifically for this also.
  • Encourages chooks to eat (chooks can be picky eaters and may need coaxing to eat things like pellets – my spice mix added to the pellets, makes them more appetizing).

As an addition to food or treats (moistened prior to combining), it is also the perfect base for our Fermented Herbal Extract Probiotic Liquid, which is also available as a Poultry Probiotic Pack.

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