Suburban Chooks Fermented Herbal Extract Probiotic Liquid – 200mls / 1L


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Fermented Herbal Extract is used as a staple in many commercial industries, including cattle, sheep, alpacas, goats as well as commercial poultry setups and even fish! Now this product and it’s benefits are available to the humble backyard chicken/poultry keeper…

Fermented Herbal Extract contains a complex mix of fermented extract of caraway, birch leaf, marshmallow root, anise, goldenrod, peppermint, yarrow, raspberry leaf, fennel and rosemary as well as the probiotic strains lactobacillus casei, lactobacillus plantarum and sacharomyces cervisiae.

Benefits of adding Fermented Herbal Extract to backyard poultry include –

  • Improves digestion, appetite and nutrient absorption
  • Faster growth
  • Maintains beneficial microbial gut flora
  • Out competes disease for better immunity
  • Assists with stress and overall vitality
  • Reduces ammonia emissions (less smell) made by solid manure by 45%, which means less flies!

In a nutshell, healthier chickens/poultry with strong immune systems that resist disease, cope better in stress (including periods of heat/cold) and produce amounts of less smelly poos (and therefore less flies)… sounds like a win-win to us!

How it works…
  1. Organic acids produced by beneficial microbes (Friendly Bacteria) neutralise odour substances and control disease.
  2. Enzymes and antioxidants produced by these ‘Friendly Bacteria’ also react with odour substances and rapidly reduce them.
  3. When added to stock feed, these ‘Friendly Bacteria’ also help to digest food better and faster, increasing the immune system and food conversion rate.
Fly and Parasite Control

Flies only lay their eggs in rotting matter as this provides nourishment for the larvae. By using Fermented Herbal Extract, the habitat for fly larvae is removed. Slurry, liquid and solid manure are significantly less odorous and are more beneficial to soil and plants.


Fermented Herbal Extract can be given to your chickens/poultry in two ways –

Drinking Water –  10mls per litre of drinking water
With feed – As part of our Probiotic Poultry Pack and fed at approx 1% of their food weight per day (10g per chook).

This product has a stable shelf life of 2 years, so certainly lasts as long as you will have it around to feed to your chooks/poultry.

Available in 200mls or 1L bottles.


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