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Worms and large worm burdens can be very problematic is smaller backyard flocks due to reinfestation of the ground by infected poultry. To break this cycle and keep your chickens in optimal health regular worming (ideally, 3-4 monthly) is required. Some poultry keepers do this routinely but others are more wary of introducing the possibility of unnecessary chemicals into their possible food chain (egg or meat production chickens). Others are hold belief systems in general around organic animal tending. Whatever the reason, it isn’t strictly compulsory to treat for worms if you don’t want to…

The one way to be sure of worm burdens and the types of worms that may need treatment is to get your chickens faecal sample tested for parasites. We are very happy to have available for sending out a small flock or single bird faecal sample kit that, once it arrives, you will find the following items inside:

  • A reply-paid envelope with the address of Para-site Diagnostic Services
  • A small, sterile collection tube/container
  • A plastic bag to enclose the collected faecal sample inside, and
  • An information form to complete with relevant information necessary for diagnosis and credit card authorization for payment of the analysis.

It’s a very easy process… you collect the single bird sample (if you have a particular bird that you are concerned about) or a sample from a variety of birds (as best you can). It is very important that you include samples of the brown, runny (caecal) poo for analysis, not just the firm, easy to collect poo. Use a clean disposable item to aid in collection, nobody will enjoy having to scoop and rescoop samples using only your tube and hand. Yerk!
Close the sample container, add it to the resealable bag and ensure that is closed with minimal air. Pop it in the bag with completed information and payment method and pop it in the Australia Post mail ASAP.

You will receive a report in return stating if any of the following issues were noted (and whether it is recommended to treat for them) –
* Coccidiosis (read more about this common poultry illness here)
* Roundworm (large white roundworm and Capillaria)
* Heterakis gallinae
Tapeworms – not looking for specifically but if they spot any they will report this (this is a more time consuming and therefore expensive test in a different testing kit, available directly from Para-site Diagnostic Service).

It is that easy and no need to wonder or treat healthy chickens with unnecessary chemicals.

Please note that if a high worm burden is found or Parasite Diagnostic Service recommends that your flock need chemical treatment there is no equivalent organic treatment that can completely rid chickens of worms. There is some anecdotal evidence that garlic, apple cider vinegar, some spices/herbs and other natural remedies can help to maintain low levels or reduce numbers in infected stock a chemical treatment is necessary to completely rid your flock of these wee beasties.

I know of one poultry keeper who has the faecal sample testing on his flock annually and hasn’t had to treat any of his 100-odd birds in more than eight years so it is entirely possible for this to be a scenario for any flock. 


Suburban Chooks can send up to 3 small testing kits in one mailout. Any more than this and you would be better to contact Para-site Disagnostic Service directly and ask them to send a large testing kit to you.


We do not charge for the kit but require payment for a 500g satchel to send this item to you. This is calculated at checkout, but as you are paying for the satchel anyway you can always maximise your postage charge by purchasing another low weight item in our great range from the Suburban Chooks Shop.
Para-site Diagnostic Service also charge $30 for the sample analysis, report and recommendations. You simply pay this fee directly to them by completing the credit card authorisation form on the back of the faecal sample information sheet.

Suburban Chooks is not involved in the analysis or payment process in any way. Neither are we privy to the results of your testing. We simply offer the distribution of these kits as a service to the Poultry Keeping Community alongside our range of worming and poultry health products.

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